Driving change is rarely an easy task.

Having worked with clients all around the world for over a decade, we have observed various pathways that companies can follow to integrate mindfulness into their culture.

In Part 1 of this blog post, we’ll share a few key points that we’ve found helpful to consider when helping clients and organizations initiate mindfulness programs.

Let’s start.

  1. Find Your Allies

    Begin by identifying any programs that your organization might have sponsored in the past. Who led those programs? Who participated? Who is known for having a consistent mindfulness practice? Who is already advocating for a more mindful workplace?

    Team up and start from where you are!

  2. Look for internal Sponsors

    You might not have the authority to start an initiative by yourself.

    You’ll need the support of decision-makers who can provide resources, time allocation, and messaging assistance. Ideally, seek out individuals who are well aware of the challenges your colleagues and teams are facing.

    Consider reaching out to:
    • your manager
    • learning and development team
    • your HR division
    • Whoever was involved in previous programs

  3. Start with a Pilot

    Commence with a small pilot group, gradually showcasing the effectiveness of mindfulness tools. This approach will help build trust in both the tools you’re introducing and your role as a facilitator.

    When starting a pilot, keep these points in mind:
    • Ensure that allies and internal supporters are present to directly witness the outcomes of the tools you’re introducing. This will be important to enforce their support and collaboratively discuss the next steps.
    • Consider pairing it with another event, for example, a mindful workshop would be a great team-building activity.
    • The topic of the session should be relevant to your audience.
    • Consider defining the agenda with someone who knows well the challenges at hand or running the attendees through a pre-workshop assessment to find out what the real needs are.

That’s it for today.

This is just an example of the kind of topics we’ll cover within The Mindful Facilitator, especially in our chapter about Starting a Mindful Initiative in your Organisation.

We delve much deeper into explaining the steps you need to take to minimize resistance, establish an inclusive and welcoming environment, and make the Initiative self-sustainable. Additionally, we provide a wealth of materials, templates, examples, and scripts, enabling you to apply the gained knowledge efficiently without having to reinvent the wheel.

Our mission is to have your Mindful Initiative up and running in no time.

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Maria & Liliana